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Maison Binotto

Architect: Serge Binotto
Year of completion: 1969
Location: Mirepoix, Ariège, France

Threatened with demolition
Latest update 22 November 2023

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The site and its history: witness to 20th century architecture

Built in 1969 by Serge Binotto (1939-2021), assistant to Jean Prouvé from 1964 to 1979, the round house “Fioretta” known as Maison Binotto, bears witness to 20th century architecture through its societal, technical, and artistic interest. This is a unique example of the application to a residential house of the ingenious processes developed by the Prouvé workshop for the circular service stations produced on behalf of the Total company. The round shape chosen by Serge Binotto is linked to the research that Jean Prouvé's team was carrying out for the oil tanker: deploying an economic model, easily buildable, easily identifiable, and able to be installed anywhere. Advised by Jean Prouvé, Serge Binotto developed a constructive system and an admirable aesthetic.

The project: rehabilitate and enhance Maison Binotto

The rehabilitation concerns the entire building. The insulated enamelled metal panels constituting the facades will be restored. The Rousseau panels forming the roof will be rebuilt identically. The original pivot windows will be restored. The partitioning will be repeated according to the original plans. Finally, the doors, and all the accessories, the fireplace, the kitchen, the bathroom, the original furniture, missing or very degraded, will be recreated, following the existing detail plans and the filmed footage on the house given by Serge Binotto.


The restoration of the house will be accompanied by a development project carried out by the “Maison ronde” association: firstly, by an educational project to reconstruct the house with the Toulouse architecture school. Then the house will be part of a tourist route linked to the land of art and history of the Cathar Pyrenees and the bastide town of Mirepoix. This house, unique in the history of architecture, will host tours, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, and master classes. The house will also be made available as an artists' residence and open to all visitors. If you donate here, you contribute to the restoration and enhancement of an outstanding 20th century heritage.


Maison Binotto

Serge Binotto

1969, France