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new canaan conference, 2018

5th International Iconic Houses Conference, New Canaan, CT, USA, 2018
Lectures and expert meetings held at Dolce, Norwalk.

Modernism on the East Coast – Philip Johnson and the Harvard Five (17 May 2018)

Iconic Houses: The Next Chapter – NATASCHA DRABBE

Keynote Address TERENCE RILEY – Philip Johnson: Portrait of the Curator as a Young Man

Panel Discussion – JOHN ARBUCKLE, WILLIAM EARLS and STOVER JENKINS, moderator HILARY LEWIS: The Harvard Five – The Advent of Modernism in New Canaan

Noyes House II: Analysis of a Provocative Design – FREDERICK NOYES

Preservation and Progress: Preserving a National Trust Landmark for Contemporary Living – CRAIG BASSAM and SCOTT FELLOWS

Iconic Houses in Latin America (18 May 2018)

Keynote Address JORGE FRANCISCO LIERNUR – Iconic Houses in Latin America: the Multiple Faces of Modernity

Preserving the Gems: Four Houses of Eclectic Argentine Modernity – FABIO GREMENTIERI

‘My house is my refuge’: Luis Barragán’s House and Studio After the Earthquake – CATALINA CORCUERA CABEZUT

Lina Bo Bardi’s Casa de Vidro: Modern Architecture in a Tropical Environment – RENATO ANELLI

Expert Meeting: Alternatives to the House Museum Model – Four Case Studies (15 May 2018)

Moving with the Times – KATHERINE MALONE-FRANCE

Philanthropic Investments as a Strategy for Preservation – ANNE METTE RAHBÆK

Saving Abandoned Modern Houses on Cape Cod – PETER MCMAHON

Passing Japanese Modern Heritage Houses to the Next Generation – TOSHIKO KINOSHITA

Panel discussion – moderator CHANDLER MCCOY

Video recommendations related to the Iconic Houses Conference 2018 in New Canaan

Renato Anelli - ‘Casa de Vidro’ made by Tapio Snellman, a Finnish director, artist and architect based in London.

John Arbuckle - ‘The Pocantico Center: Historic Structures & Collections Virtual Tour.’

John Bacon - ‘Planned Giving Overview: The Secret to Understanding It All.’

Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows - ‘The Fountainhead: A touch of the new, a touch of the old’ – quite relevant for the time (1948) – in which architect Howard Roark (Gary Cooper) is asked to add a classical touch to his modernistic building proposal.

Catalina Corcuera Cabezut - Casa Estudio Luis Barragán. Luis Barragan House and studio.

Natascha Drabbe - ‘Learning from the Americas: Gropius and Breuer in the New World’ a Barry Bergdoll lecture on Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer, arguing that the Bauhaus emigrés did not only have an impact at Harvard; they were types and models for the New World in general, with considerable attention from Latin America in particular.

William D. Earls - The trailer of ‘The Harvard 5 – A story of love, design and architecture’ tells the story of the intellectual and sociological struggle of Eliot Noyes, Marcel Breuer, Landis Gores, Philip Johnson and John Johansen that ultimately redefined the significance of the sleepy, New England town of New Canaan.

Erik Z. Gensler - In ‘Telling Your Story in a Digital World’, three strong social storytellers across arts mediums will share their secrets to producing great content with all kinds of restraints.

Fabio Grementieri - ‘Victoria Ocampo’s House’.

Stover Jenkins - ‘Houses Designed by Philip Johnson’ a survey of Philip Johnson’s residential architecture.

Toshiko Kinoshita - ‘Introduction to the Heritage Houses Trust’ in Japan.

Hilary Lewis - ‘Architecture & Influence – The Philip Johnson Glass House Oral History Project’. Interviews about Philip Johnson’s influence with Norman Foster, Michael Graves, Charles Gwathmey, Richard Meier, Jaquelin T. Robertson, Richard Rogers, Vincent Scully, and Robert A.M. Stern.

Jorge Francisco Liernur - Trailer of the documentary film ‘Amancio Williams’ by Gerardo Panero.

Paul Makovsky - ‘Celebrating 100 Years of Florence Knoll’.

Katherine Malone-France - Gerard and Kelly’s Modern Living, a site-specific performance at the The Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut, in 2016, in collaboration with the nine dancers of L.A. Dance Project and the music producer SOPHIE.

Tim McClimon - The 2018 World Monuments Watch brings attention to 25 sites facing diverse threats.

Chandler McCoy - In ‘Design, Transform, Conserve: the Remaking of Sunnylands’, experts discuss the challenges of adapting Sunnylands, the 200-acre estate of Walter and Leonore Annenberg designed by A. Quincy Jones in 1964, for reuse.

Peter McMahon - Trailer of the feature documentary ‘Built On Narrow Land – The End Of Summers On Cape Cod’ by Malachi Connolly, Board President of the CCMH, on the fate of Modern architecture on outer Cape Cod.

Amanda Nelson - TED Talk by Tom Wujec, ‘Build a Tower, Build a Team’. This TED Talk challenges teams to build a tower out of dry spaghetti, one yard of tape, and a marshmallow. Tom Wujec explores team dynamics and the quest to build ‘high!’

Frederick Noyes - ‘The Noyes Collection of Alexander Calder’ in which Eliot Noyes is celebrated through his patronage of Alexander Calder and Fred Noyes is interviewed at the Noyes House surrounded by Calder’s works.

Anne Mette Rahbaek - A video about ‘Arne Jacobsen’s own house in Charlottenlund’ (1931).
There is also short clip on ‘Arne Jacobsen’s own house in Klampenborg’ (1951).
And on ‘Arne Jacobsen’s Holiday Home’ in Sejerø bay in Denmark (1937).

Roland Reisley - This teaser is of a documentary that is now in production. ‘USONIA – Frank Lloyd Wright’s Suburban Utopia’ tells the story of Wright and the group of pioneering young idealists who toiled together to build their dream in Pleasantville, New York.

Terry Riley - Trailer of the feature documentary ‘Philip Johnson: Diary of an Eccentric Architect’, in which Johnson shows us his Glass House.

Jean-Paul Warmoes - A Naomi Levine presentation about the ‘Art & Science of Fundraising, Naomi Levine, NYU’.