video lectures

iconic houses lecture series

Recordings of the traveling "International Iconic Houses Lectures Series" and "Architects in the Picture" at the Van Schijndel House in Utrecht, The Netherlands

5th International Iconic Houses Lecture Tour

Melnikov House: Saving an Avant-Garde Icon

4th Iconic Houses Lecture Tour Europe - Villa 1027

Restoring Eileen Gray’s Villa E-1027

1st Iconic Houses Lecture Tour Europe - Henry Urbach on Philip Johnson's Glass House

Hans van Heeswijk lectures on Villas around Paris in the 1930s

Agnès Cailliau Lectures on Jean Prouvé's house in Nancy

Tim Benton Lectures on Le Corbusier

Armando Chavez Lectures on Luis Barragán

Raymond Neutra Lectures on the Neutra VDL Studio

Jean Louis Cohen Discusses the Konstantin Melnikov House

Dick van Gameren Lectures on Frank Lloyd Wright