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Inside Iconic Houses - Liljestrand House

Video on demand - Language English

Bob Liljestrand and Kristi Cardoso from the Liljestrand Foundation show us this Midcentury masterpiece in Hawaii.

Liljestrand House

Liljestrand House, Honolulu, Hawaii
Architect: Vladimir Ossipoff, 1952
Our hosts are Kristi Cardoso, Executive Director and Bob Liljestrand, President of the Liljestrand Foundation.

The Liljestrand House is designed by Vladimir Ossipoff (1890-1967), known as the master of Hawaii modern architecture. The home takes special care to play up indoor/outdoor spaces and embodies the tropical modernist movement that Ossipoff championed. Inside the home, elegant, functional, and sustainable structures give way to cantilevered decks and breathtaking views of Honolulu. Sensitive to its surroundings and sustainable to the core, many of the interior elements created using locally felled monkeypod. And with his ties to the East and fluency in Japanese, Ossipoff was able to assemble a cadre of Japanese craftsmen to complete the interior finish work and built-in furniture.

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