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Inside Iconic Houses - Maison Louis Carré

Video on demand - Language English

Director Asdis Olafsdottir takes us through this perfectly intact and liveable Alvar Aalto villa near Paris.

Maison Louis Carré

Bazoches-sur-Guyonne (near Paris), France
Architect: Alvar Aalto, 1959-1963
Our host is Ásdis Ólafsdóttir, Director of Maison Louis Carré.

Maison Louis Carré is one of two most carefully executed and detailed private houses designed by Alvar Aalto (the other being the Villa Mairea). Built for a wealthy Parisian art dealer, the house is situated in the village of Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, some 40 km south-west of Paris. This masterpiece of modern architecture, combining buildings, garden, furniture and interior design in a total work of art, is Aalto's only remaining building in France and a true expression of his mature work.

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