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Preservation of Historic Concrete

Technical Preservation Services’ Preservation Brief 15
Published 2007
Accessed: 01.01.2023

Sections on Historic Interiors, Concrete Characteristics, Modes of Deterioration, Preservation, Maintenance and Repair. The Reading List at the end contains references to GCI publications and several other key reads.

Published by NPS; written by Paul Gaudette and Deborah Slaton.
Web version of Preservation Brief; downloadable pdf available; printed version available to order.

Conserving Concrete Heritage Annotated Bibliography

Getty Conservation Institute
Published 2015
Accessed: 01.01.2023

The primary purpose of this annotated bibliography is to assist those interested
in the conservation of concrete by identifying specific resources on the subject. This annotated bibliography covers mass concrete, reinforced concrete, cast-in-place
concrete, post-tensioned prestressed concrete, and precast concrete. Quoted from the Introduction.

Published by the Getty Conservation Institute.
Downloadable pdf, 78pp.