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Further Preservation Reading

These are more in-depth texts, including international preservation charters that inform current policy.

Preserving the Recent Past

Historic Preservation Education Foundation
Published 1995
Accessed: 01.01.2023

The conference proceedings from both the first and second ‘Preserving the Recent Past’ conferences, published by the Historic Preservation Education Foundation. The publication from the first conference in 1995 is a ‘landmark publication on evaluating, maintaining, and reusing cultural properties from the 20th century. It features information on resource evaluation, preservation and reuse strategies, conservation of modern material, and includes a detailed reference list.’

Published by Historic Preservation Education Foundation (HPEF), 1995. (
Pdf format; binder print format.

13 Challenges for Saving Modernism and the Recent Past

Los Angeles Conservancy
Published 2010
Accessed: 01.01.2023

This list focuses on fundamental resistance to preserving Modernist buildings from a social and philosophical perspective, rather than a technical perspective. The concepts are presented metaphorically through various tropes and in that way are relatable, compelling and easily understood.

Published originally in the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Forum News; written by Adrian Scott Fine.
Online article.