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Painting Historic Interiors

Technical Preservation Services’ Preservation Brief 28
Published June 1992
Accessed: 01.01.2023

In-depth description of types of paint used historically, their different reactions with the surface, and how to work with them now. There is also a section on identifying deteriorated and damaged paint surfaces and diagnosing repair/replacement. This article isn’t limited to painting on a wooden surface and therefore could be helpful for some of the modern building materials.

Published by NPS; written by Sara B. Chase.
Web version of Preservation Brief; printed version available to order.

Historic Paint Catalogues
Published 08.03.2016
Accessed: 01.01.2023

This post is part of a monthly series that explores the historical applications of building materials and systems through resources from the Building Technology Heritage Library (BTHL), an online collection of AEC catalogues, brochures, trade publications, and more.

Published by using Building Technology Heritage Library archives.
Online article, ‘A Colorful History of Paint’ by Mike Jackson.

Paimio Color Research

Getty Conservation Institute with the Alvar Aalto Foundation
Published 2016
Accessed: 01.01.2023

The findings of extensive color research on the interior color schemes of the Aalto’s Paimio Sanatorium make up the Appendix of this conservation management plan.

Published by the Getty Conservation Institute.
Downloadable pdf, 495pp.