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Window Rehabilitation Guide for Historic Buildings + The Window Handbook: Successful Strategies for Rehabilitating Windows in Historic Buildings

Historic Preservation Education Foundation and NPS
Published 1997; published 1991, revised 2008, respectively
Accessed 10.09.2018

This publication is the most comprehensive guide available on the preservation and rehabilitation of windows in historic buildings. Containing over 600 pages of valuable information, it covers appropriate window treatments and provides technical guidance.

Technical guidance and a series of brief-well-illustrated case studies (NPS Preservation Tech Notes) are included in this popular 190-page handbook.

Published by HPEF and NPS.
Free, downloadable pdf book.

Repair and Thermal Upgrading of Historic Steel Windows

Technical Preservation Services’ Preservation Brief 13
Published September 1984
Accessed 09.20.2018

In-depth report on History, Maintenance, Repair, Weatherization and Replacement of historic steel windows.

Published by Technical Preservation Services, part of NPS; written by Sharon C. Park
Online version of the Preservation Brief, printed version also available to order.

Repairing Steel Casement Windows

Preservation Tech Notes, NPS
Published May 2002
Accessed 10.09.2018

Preservation Tech Notes are designed to provide practical information on practices and innovative techniques for successfully maintaining and preserving cultural resources. This is essentially a case study of a 1920s house in upstate New York. The Tech Notes are technical, but provide a detailed condition assessment and documentation of the preservation work only on the steel windows. Very thorough information.

Published by NPS.
Downloadable pdf.

Maintenance and Repair of Historic Aluminum Windows

Preservation Tech Notes, NPS
Published May 2008
Accessed 10.09.2018

History of use, in-depth repair techniques and case studies for the preservation of historic aluminum windows.

Published by NPS.
Downloadable pdf.