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Bauhaus-Influenced Cinderblock House (1949)

Old House Magazine online
Published 10.30.2009
Updated 09.03.2021
Accessed: 01.01.2023

Lincoln, MA
Article in Old House magazine detailing the post-fire rehabilitation of a 1949 cinderblock construction with practical advice and resources for handling fire damage, replacing windows and radiant floor heating.

Published in Old House magazine online ( Article by Barbara Rhines, board member of Friends of Modern Architecture (FoMA)/Lincoln.
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Frank Lloyd Wright - Ross House (1915)

National Trust for Historic Preservation, Preservation magazine
Published 06.15.17
Accessed: 01.01.2023

This article focuses on the owner’s desire to make the Ross House energy efficient. The owner is an architect in the Chicago area whose firm has worked on the restoration of 20 Wright houses. The house wasn’t landmarked at the time he purchased it and began rehabilitation so he had a great deal of flexibility in his design decisions. However, changes were made with an eye for future designation and he was careful to restore the exterior of the house to its original appearance.

Published by National Trust for Historic Preservation; originally published in Preservation Magazine; written by Lisa Skolnik.
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Hatch House, Kohlberg House, Kugel/Gips House, Weidlinger House

Cape Cod Modern House Trust
Published 2017
Accessed: 01.01.2023

Cape Cod, MA
Four different houses in various states of disrepair that the Cape Cod Modern House Trust leased from the National Park Service and subsequently restored. The CCMHT incorporated as a non-profit in 2007 to save some of the area’s important houses and to renovate and repurpose them as platforms for creativity, scholarship and public access. Their website features some biographical information for each house but many before, during and after images. They also offer a platform to book overnight stays in the four houses.

Website maintained by the non-profit group Cape Cod Modern House Trust ( The projects were completed in collaboration with the National Park Service between 2009 and 2019.
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Hatch House
Kohlberg House
Weidlinger House
Kugel/Gips House

The Weidlinger House is also listed in our section Stay in an Iconic House.
The Kohlberg House is also listed as as saved icon in our section Icons at Risk.

New Canaan Mid-Century Modern Houses Survey

Building Conservation Association
Published 2008
Accessed: 01.01.2023

New Canaan, CT
The New Canaan Mid-Century Modern Houses Survey is a comprehensive study of mid-twentieth-century, architect-designed, Modern domestic properties located in New Canaan, Connecticut. The project aims to systematically document the area’s Modern houses, place them in an historical context, and assess their architectural and historical significance. To meet these goals, the study included a field survey of properties using a specifically tailored survey form, historic research, the creation of a glossary of Modern architectural terms and an assessment of the resources using the National Register of Historic Places Criteria for Evaluation.

Published by Building Conservation Association with funding by the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism, Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation, National Trust for Historic Preservation, The New Canaan Historical Society and The Philip Johnson Glass House.
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